2017 exams schedule announced


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2017 exams schedule announced - www.elakolla.com

The Department of Examinations on Wednesday announced the exams schedule for 2017.

Accordingly, G.C.E.
Advanced Level exam will be held from 08 August to 02 September, while the Grade 5 Scholarship exam will be held on 20 August.

The G.C.E.
Ordinary Level exam will be held from 12 to 21 December.


පූජාගෙ නම්බර් ඩිස්කනෙක්ට්
ඇමැති ගයන්ත ආපදාවට පත්වූවන්ගේ සහන සේවා නිරීක්ෂණය කරයි
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