18% duty on fish exports to be lifted under GSP+


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18% duty on fish exports to be lifted under GSP+ - www.elakolla.com

“If GSP+ is to be granted on Friday, the 18 percent duty on export of fish will be removed the very next day.” Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Harsha de Silva said, adding that the European Council had also lifted the ban on fisheries products.

The Deputy Minister stated this at a press conference held today (17) at the Sirikotha Mandiraya.

He further stated that the regaining of the GSP+ trade concession was proof of fulfilment of one of the election promises made by the United National Party, and added that the trade concession paved the way for the removal of duty on a great many products of the export market.

In relation to the demonstrations and strikes being conducted across the island, he stated that a country cannot progress in the face of so many protests and strikes, and added that Sri Lankans must work hard and be committed towards developing the country.


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