Muslim employees to get July salary on 17th


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Muslim employees to get July salary on 17th -

Muslim employees will get their July salary on 17th of this month, says the Finance Ministry issuing a press release.

On the advice of the Finance Minister, the  Director General(Operations) of the General Treasury has given necessary instructions to all state institutions to make arrangements to pay the July salary to Muslim employees on the 17th of this month., the release stated.
In the event any funds are required to effect these payments, the Treasury has informed all Heads of Organizations that funding will be released as per Treasury Circular No.4/2015, the release further stated.


පොලිස් කොස්තාපල්ගේ නිවසින් ගිනි අවි සහ කසිප්පු හමුවෙලා
ගම්පහ රෝහලේ විදුලි සෝපානය හිරවෙලා-1ක් මරුට
කණේරු ඇට කා තරුණිය මියයයි
ලෝක කුසලාන තරඟය අදයි - නවසීලන්තය පිත්ත අතට ගනියි
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