Luxury US Cruise liner, Azamara Quest to Hambantota on Monday

2022-12-04 09:21:23

Luxury US Cruise liner, Azamara Quest to Hambantota on Monday
Luxury US Cruise liner, Azamara Quest arrived at the Colombo Port a short while ago, carrying 600 passengers, mainly from the US, and 400 crew. The vessel will be in Colombo today and tomorrow and will call at the Hambanthota port on Monday.

Luxury Cruise liner, Azamara Quest has arrived at Sri Lanka’s Port of Colombo Saturday carrying 600 guests and 400 crew.

The Cruise liner, which is on a 14 Night India and Sri Lanka Cruise from Dubai will remain at the Colombo Port Saturday and Sunday before leaving for Hambantota Port on Monday.

Azamara Quest is the second luxury cruise ship arrived in the island within a week. The super luxury cruise ‘Mein Schiff 5’ arrived at the Port of Colombo on the 29th of November with 2,030 passengers and 945 crew onboard and called the Port of Hambantota on the 30th of November 2022.

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